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The M e t a project brings together music makers and workers
across the British Isles!

META offers   
music industry info :-

Meet the music support workers in your region

Organisations who support local music making in all regions of the UK

Lets make our live music safe

How to earm money from music and how the money is collected

List of policy makers affecting live music in the UK

How the 2003 Licensing Act affects live Music

Search the biggest directory in the UK for music business contacts

Read why audiences stay away from live music

What to look for in a contract, what managers do and what Agents do

Who"s got money to give to live music and what they're looking for

Together, we can inform the policymakers from the grass roots of music development work

Find the support organisations in each region by clicking on SUPPORT ORGANISATIONS on the left or search for other information

February 2010
Meeting of the
Music Sector Forum

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Who is Generator ?
Generator is the support organisation for workers in rock, pop, dance, indie and experimental musics in the UK

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G e n e r a t o r

Supporting the community of music makers and music businesses in the UK.

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